Communication is our job, our passion, and our mission.


Twenty years of consulting experience in communications management, working with more than 400 clients, with an NPS over 70 (which makes us best-in-class in our industry) and various national and international awards under the belt – these are our greatest strengths, as well as proof that we know how to generate brand value for all stakeholders in an ever-changing environment.


We take an active role in every socially important debate, from climate and energy to human rights. We bet on and keep investing in knowledge.

Third big annual survey by Val group on the attitudes, beliefs, fears, and expectations of Croatian citizens.

Together with our partners, the Croatian Employers’ Association and the International Institute for Climate Action, we launched the Future Perfect Business initiative. We wish to familiarize, educate, raise awareness, and network with our business community on ESG criteria to help create a healthier and more sustainable society. Because we believe that environmentalism and economy can go hand in hand.

Every old sailor knows that any map is useless if you don’t know where you are. Likewise, every development, business, and communication plan needs a starting point – a state of play – to help us set the direction we want to follow. For this reason, we collaborated with Ipsos to launch Square Zero*, a large-scale survey on the attitudes, beliefs, and expectations of people in Croatia, to help maximize the scope of our understanding.