Clarity and vision are our attributes – and we bet on knowledge

After 20 years in the business, it is time for a new approach and a new perspective. Today, we are an agile organization providing a 360-degree approach. This means that we’re able to respond to the current challenges faced by our clients – from the business community and corporate sector to national, regional, and local government representatives, non-profit organizations, and the general public – in any communication format.

360-degree communication

The Val Group’s objective is to ensure a prompt response to everyday hurdles. Our goal is to recognize the realities of tomorrow, understand the tectonic shifts in the fabric of the world around us, and be one step ahead of the trends. We aim to orient our business, clients, and employees to come up with the best solutions to emerging challenges that are still under the radar for many. We offer integrated solutions that display clarity and vision across all members of the Group.

We see what’s happening under the surface, as well as what’s on the horizon.

This goes for every form of communication – just as there are different types and properties of waves.


Twenty years of consulting experience in communications management, working with more than 500 clients, with an NPS over 85 (which makes us best-in-class in our industry) and various national and international awards under the belt – these are our greatest strengths, as well as proof that we know how to generate brand value for all stakeholders in an ever-changing environment.

Our purpose

We are building a happier and more connected society based on our shared group values:

We create opportunities for economic growth across the business industry and associations.
We bring true and creative content.
With our help, companies can achieve sustainability and stay relevant.
We encourage critical thinking across NGOs.
We support political and public bodies in building a safe and transparent society.
We are building a competence hub where we can all grow together.