We advocate, lobby, and raise brand awareness – among other things.

Do you need classic PR, crisis management, or help launching your new product into the Croatian market? You can count on your Val Group team of consultants.


Communications management

We develop complete communication strategies and design messages that you will love and your clients will understand, and – most importantly – see. We know your audience inside out, as every strategy starts with market research. This is how we create integral solutions that we test, analyse and optimize. Online, offline, you name it. From mobile phones to the largest billboard in your city.

Business strategy

Market positioning

Transformational leadership/Change management


Communications management

CEO communication/Communication principles

Education and training

Reputation management/Corporate reputation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Crisis communication

Internal communications

Employer branding

PR campaigns

Public relations

We believe in communication in all its forms, through every channel, in every way, colour, shade, wording, and punctuation mark. We understand what’s important to our clients, and we have the know-how to communicate it at every level – clearly, firmly, and cogently. We’re here for you whenever you need to publish, announce, explain, clarify, or curb a crisis. In a nutshell, we’re here for you whenever you need to communicate – matters big or small.

Communication education and training

Corporate reputation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

PR campaigns

Brand campaigns

Product campaigns

Public affairs

Situation analysis is always our first step when devising a solution to any matter of public interest. Next, we establish an appropriate discourse framework and convince and empower initiatives. And we never stop building good rapport. In addition to political consulting, we also offer crisis and critical situation management. Needless to say, we act quickly and decisively. After all, time is money, is it not? Visit the Alpheus website.

Government relations

Political campaigns

Risk assessment

Political and economic analysis

Market research

Political and economic studies

Lobbying and EU legislation monitoring

EU regulatory assessment

Stakeholder management/Stakeholder relations

Brand management

Brands are like kids. They grow, change, grow old. This tells you that someone (and by that we mean WE) definitely needs to look after them. We build brands from scratch, design visual identities and values, and use smart positioning. We develop communication strategies and care about your positive image. Because everybody knows that a good image is at least half the job done. Visit the Jedinica website.

Brand strategy and brand management

Branding (name, tagline, visual identity)

Creative advertising



Integrated campaign production

Employer branding

Rebranding and repositioning

Media planning and buying

Digital communication

We cover the whole wide digital world. From website building, through search engine and social network advertising, to original content creation. Older people say: content is king. But wise men claim: context is emperor. We say, that works for us. To us, communication strategy or social and influencer management are not just cute turns of phrase – these are quantifiable actions aimed at raising sales or awareness. Usually – they are both. Visit the Jedinica website.

Digital, content, and social media strategies

Digital campaign development and management

Social media management

Web development (UX, UI, coding)

Performance marketing

Content marketing (video, text, infographics)

Native advertising (video, text, infographics)

Digital media planning and buying


Experience marketing

We create experiences and organize events that you’ll be sure to remember as delightful and useful – and with a big smile on your face. With an understanding that human memory is triggered by images, sounds, and smells, we strive to raise the production bar even higher with every new event. If you’re about to launch a new product, promote a service or would like to host a conference or seminar, give us a call. We are innovative, focused, and always on budget. Visit the Produkt website.

Event management

Marketing strategy development and implementation

Influencer marketing

Community management

Promotion and sales campaigns

Lifestyle PR campaigns